Located just off of Plaça Catalunya at the top of Las Ramblas, City Hall is a unique mix of old and new, combined to create one of the most stylish clubs in the city. The building has been restored to create a more modern and sophisticated environment without losing any historic characteristics as the beauty of the building is its original architecture. Every night of the week has a unique name and theme such as Mondays: Fuck & Rock, Wild Tuesdays, Wednesdays: Pigs & Diamonds, Thursdays: Club 4, Fridays: Exa Club, Saturdays: Pure City Nites and Sundays: The Black Room. Complementing the décor and adding to the party ambience is an amazing variety of music backed up by dazzling projected visuals, falling confetti, and an ear-splitting sound system. A large bar in the back is a popular hangout for drinks and shots, while patrons in search of an alternate atmosphere can check out the second room upstairs, where a different type of music is usually playing. The space also features a low ceiling, soft lighting, and large, mirrored walls that create a friendlier party mood, perfect for a place where it’s always easy to make friends.